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The Anderson Adventures

The white picket fence was not for us!

LIVE: live/liv/verb - to have an exciting or fulfilling life. 

Our journey is not perfect but it is OURS. 

Are we Crazy? Duhh!

Hello all!! 

Sort of suck at introductions; we are Justin and Tamara Anderson, our current home base is Las Vegas. 

The faces of Roll With Us RV. 

Full-Time RV life has begun and we are loving every moment. 

We will launch our Vlog series showing our RV walk through, downsizing, selling and transitioning..  

Sharing our experiences with everyone and hope to inspire others to take a chance and LIVE the life they love.   

Red Rock Canyon

WANDERLUST, the struggle is real...

Woke up and realized that life is not just about getting rich and having a ton of material items. You should enjoy the items that you use and LOVE the people and memories that matter. Travel Often! 

We have down sized from a 3 bedroom/ 2 car house into a 300 sq. ft. Motor home. We are making minor renovations to make it our own. 

We donated and gave away 90% of our items. If has been a magical journey so far. Check out all of the details in our RV Blog. 

Minimalist living as full time RV'ers makes for HUGE memories! 

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